The Cosy Little Cottage

How about a nice cup of tea?


Use the form on this page to get in touch with me, the Merry Hermit. Maybe something I have written resonates with you, and you want to talk about it. Maybe something spurred your curiosity and you have a question or two. I am always interested in hearing from those who have wandered up to the Cosy Little Cottage from the four corners of the globe.

Remember that the door is always open for a friendly chat. There’s a comfy chair and a cup of tea, or a mug of hot chocolate. Or a stiff drink, if you are so inclined (and old enough).

If instead you just want to peddle your wares, or to pick a fight, don’t even bother. I will not reply. But if you are polite and say please and thank you at the right times, there is a good chance I will write back!