The Cosy Little Cottage

How about a nice cup of tea?


This room of the cosy cottage is dedicated to stories, which can mean anything and its opposite. In part this is intentional, as it gives me the opportunity to write about whatever I want. I am fascinated by storytelling in all its forms.

I’ll write a lot on the stories that left a mark on my life. Books and films, but also TV series, anime and videogames. They won’t necessarily be good stories: there will be plenty of room for mediocrity and outright awfulness, which I think is great news.

I might also cover what makes a good story. Characters, plot, structure, dialogue, all the tools of the storytelling craft. I’m in no way an expert in the field, but I’ve read a fair bit on the subject. I’ll be happy to regurgitate my wisdom for you to enjoy.

Some of the material will be taken from an old and long forgotten blog of mine. Luckily I had taken a full backup before pressing the self-destruct button. I think that some of the articles, with a bit of revision and some updates, are still worth sharing.

Finally (you knew this was coming) I will also publish my stories, if and when I manage to create some. Traditional, linear fiction or interactive fiction, they will appear on these pages first.

Published: Sunday 28 Jan 2018

The Cosy Little Cottage by the Merry Hermit CC BY-SA 4.0