The Cosy Little Cottage

How about a nice cup of tea?


Welcome, weary traveller, to my little cottage. Please, come in. Such a dreadful weather outside. Sorry for the mess, I wasn’t expecting guests. You can sit on that armchair, by the fire. It’s a bit rickety, but it’ll do. How about a nice cup of tea? Or perhaps a mug of hot chocolate?

You braved the treacherous paths of the Interwebs until you ended up here. Was this your intended destination? Perhaps it wasn’t. Did you get lost or were you just wandering aimlessly?

Anyway, why don’t you rest for a while before setting off again? This is a quiet, peaceful corner of the Interwebs. No shouting in my cottage, no snarky retorts. Just a friendly conversation by the fire, while we listen to raindrops pattering on the windowpanes.

My name? That’s not important. You can call me the Merry Hermit if you want. I’m definitely a hermit most of the time, and I do my best to be merry, or at least not downright miserable.

I hope you’ll like it here. Feel free to have a look around. The About page is a good place to start. If you want to know when I bother to add new content, you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Published: Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Last modified: Saturday 6 Jun 2020

The Cosy Little Cottage by the Merry Hermit CC BY-SA 4.0